Meet Grace

Grace is married to Dr. Sardone and together they have three children. She is not a professional model, body builder or athlete; rather she is a 49-year old working mother who transformed her physique naturally by applying the Do It Right Health & Fitness principles. She is featured on the front and back cover of The Naked Truth, as well as the inside exercise illustrations. Grace specializes in fitness & culinary education.

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Practice & Services

Dr. Sardone specializes in functional and preventative medicine. What does that mean? It can best be described as diving underwater to investigate the base of an iceberg rather than focusing solely on its surface. Looking for underlying causes of systemic dysfunction manifested as chronic symptoms, and preventing disease through clinical nutrition, lifestyle guidance, and complimentary medicine are primary goals.

"During the initial consultation I listen," said Dr. Sardone. "The art of listening to the patient is becoming obsolete, but when incorporated with objective examination and other diagnostic means of assessing patient health, it makes the entire process more valuable."

Health & Fitness Evaluation

  • Body Composition Assessment
  • Cardiovascular Assessment
  • Orthopedic Assessment
  • Biomechanical Assessmen
  • Strength/Flexibility/Endurance

Metabolic and Biochemistry Analysis

  • Cardiometabolic Risk Factors
  • Female Hormone Analysis
  • Male Hormone Analysis
  • Osteoporosis Screening
  • Nutrient Deficiency Analysis
  • Food Sensitivity Analysis
  • Digestive System Analysis

Lifestyle Prescriptions (Rx)

  • Customized Diet, Meal and Functional Food Rx
  • Customized Supplement Rx
  • Customized Fitness Rx

Additional Services

  • Complimentary Medicine
  • Custom Fitness Packages
  • Custom Sports Orthotics