Table of Contents

Introduction, Purpose and Getting Started
Section One: Maximize Your Exercise and Fat Burning Potential
Exercise and Meal Timing
Pre-Exercise Meal
Post-Exercise Meal
Intensity of Exercise
Type of Exercise (aerobic versus weightlifting)
Section Summary
Section Two: Fitness Screening Questionnaire
Section Three: Basic Stretching Exercises
Static Stretching Illustrations
Section Four: Interval Aerobic Exercise
Purpose and Function
Step 1: Calculate your Maximum Heart Rate
Step 2: Determine your Target Heart Rate Zone (THRZ)
Aerobic Exercise Illustrations
Section Five: Resistance Exercise
Purpose and Function
Weight Lifting Instructions
Gym Etiquette
Resistance Training Illustrations
Total Body (Ball and Dumbbell) Exercises
Abdominal (Core) Exercises
Upper Body Exercises
Chest Exercises
Shoulder Exercises
Triceps Exercises
Back Exercises
Biceps Exercises
Lower Body Exercises
Major Muscles (Quadriceps, Hamstrings and Glutei)
Gluteus Maximus (buttocks)
Adductors and Abductors (Inner and Outer Thighs)
Single Leg Exercises (Quadriceps, Hamstrings and Glutei)
Gastrocnemius and soleus (Calf Muscles)
Section Six: Cross-Training Routines (Phases 1-5)
Phase 1 Home Routine
Phase 1 Gym Routine
Phase 2
Phase 3a
Phase 3b
Phase 4a
Phase 4b
Phase 5
Section Seven: Concurrent (Circuit) Routines
Purpose and Function
Concurrent Training Calendar One
Concurrent Training Routine 1
Concurrent Training Routine 2
Concurrent Training Routine 3
Concurrent Training Calendar Two
Concurrent Training Routine 4
Concurrent Training Routine 5
Concurrent Training Routine 6
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