An Honest And Forthright Look At Why Americans Are Overweight, Overwhelmed, And Confused, And What Can Be Done To Change This Ever Growing Epidemic.

San Diego, California (2010) – The question is not whether Americans are getting fatter and sicker – that is obvious – rather the real question is; what can Americans do about it?

According to Dr. Michael R. Sardone, founder of The Do It Right Health and Fitness program and author of The Naked Truth: Overweight, Overwhelmed and Confused, “people are too overwhelmed and confused by all the marketing gimmicks and hyped up diet plans, miracle weight-loss supplements, and pharmaceutical company propaganda that it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to separate fact from fiction.”

This book dispels common myths and explains how Americans have been mislead into thinking that fats are bad, cholesterol is evil and soy is a miracle food. Moreover, although food manufactures are removing fats from foods, millions take cholesterol-lowering drugs and soymilk is replacing real milk, Americans are fatter than ever and heart disease is still the number one killer in the United States.

The reader embarks on an educational journey of scientific enlightenment of the “Eight Reasons” behind being overweight and unhealthy, and why the American diet is unsafe, paved by years of clinical research, scientific evidence and clinical practice. “There is no quick weight-loss solution or miracle cure or magic pill,” said Dr. Sardone. “Instead, people must obtain the basic fundamental knowledge necessary to make smarter and safer food choices according to their caloric needs, and rather than focusing on weight-loss, should instead zero in on becoming healthy and fit.”

Dr. Sardone further points out that “weight-loss and good health are a consequence of taking control through lifestyle changes,” and the book features a well written and easy to follow “roadmap to success” highlighting self-assessment risk factors and lifestyle program design. The book features clinically proven principles of well-balanced functional eating, supplementation based on body type profiling and modifiable cross-training exercise routines from beginner to advanced.

The Naked Truth: Overweight, Overwhelmed and Confused will shed new scientific light on the ever-growing overweight and obesity epidemic and its many associated diseases, and will offer the reader a clinically proven solution based on healthy lifestyle teachings rather than fad dieting and weight-loss obsession.

Michael R. Sardone, DC is a board certified chiropractic physician specializing in functional medicine, nutrition and fitness with over 29 years of clinical experience. Dr. Sardone founded the Do It Right Health and Fitness program 15 years ago and since has helped hundreds of individuals achieve lasting weight-loss and good health. He has testified on numerous occasions as a medical expert and has lectured extensively regarding physical medicine standards of care and wellness. As seen on SD-Living San Diego TV-6, Good Morning San Diego TV-9, Fox TV-5 Las Vegas, NBC TV-3 Las Vegas, Sonora Living ABC TV-15 Phoenix, Sacramento & Company ABC TV-10 and KRON 4 San Francisco and featured in The Carmel Valley News, Del Mar Village Voice, Coast News Group, My Valley News and Fallbrook Village News.

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