Weight Loss Mistakes that Sabotage Success

by Dr. S on November 15th, 2009

Many individuals are confused when it comes to losing weight (body fat) and keeping it off. One of the most common mistakes is focusing on weight-loss rather than becoming healthy and fit.

The overwhelming majority of people trying to lose weight focus on "quick fix" solutions, rather than changing their lifestyles. When someone obsesses about weight-loss, they are more apt to grasp for easy or simple remedies like appetite suppressants, fasting, calorie deprivation, gimmicks (fad diets, creams, patches, etc.) and hyped up supplements (too many to mention here).

Of course, you will lose weight doing any of these things, but the majority of weight-loss is typically water and muscle weight. Losing muscle will sabotage your metabolism and future efforts by reducing the very tissue that burns fat for fuel, supports your immune system, maintains bone density and stimulates your metabolic rate.

Once you stop taking the "magic pill," or stop following the "too good to be true" diet (and you will), your weight will return and typically faster than it came off. The sad part is, the weight gained will be in fat and not precious muscle mass.

Learning more about your body composition and biochemistry is necessary to develop a plan specific for your needs including a nutrition and exercise program that you can do realistically. Changing your goal from losing weight to becoming healthy and fit is the golden key, body fat comes off as a consequence.

Yours for better health

Dr. S

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