The Naked Truth: Introduction

In reading this introduction, you are most likely searching for answers and/or solutions to being overweight, overwhelmed, and confused. Maybe you are overwhelmed by the social stigma that excess body weight attracts or because you are suffering from one of the linked conditions like diabetes, heart disease or cancer. Maybe you are overwhelmed and confused by all the information being offered, some prudent and some reckless, with so many conflicting theories and recommendations that it is difficult to separate fact from fiction. Solutions offered by a cast of characters, from renowned scientists and physicians, to movies stars and the trainer at the local gym.

The very first thing that you should understand, however, is that this book is not about weight-loss. There are plenty of those around. Rather, this book offers so much more than a “diet” book, it’s a solution: A way of life that will empower you with the knowledge to make smarter choices, providing the tools necessary to improve your body composition, physique and overall health. And as a consequence, your body will shed the excess body fat that surrounds your abdomen, buttocks and thighs. You will feel good and look good, with more energy and a renewed sense of enthusiasm, confidence and wellbeing.

This book and its enclosed programs aptly called, Do It Right Health & Fitness, is for everyone, even people who are not overweight but are interested in optimizing their health through sound nutrition and fitness principles. But, if you are out-of-control and plagued with the symptoms of poor lifestyle choices, you are not alone, and reading this book can change your life and those close to you.

Where do you begin? The very first thing that you should do is take a long hard look at yourself. Take off your clothes, stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself these questions: Am I happy with what I see? Do I look and feel healthy? Am I once and for all tired of looking and feeling the way I do? Am I finally ready to take action and assume control of my life?

The naked truth is not always appealing, but it’s usually accurate. Unfortunately, many individuals live in denial and avoid facing the truth. Many suffer from what I refer to as “normal-itis,” a contagious social disease characterized by the comfort in knowing that the majority of people are in the same boat; the one that is regrettably sinking.

Presently, 70% of Americans are overweight including those who are obese, and it’s predicted to grow to 87% by 2030. That’s almost 9 out of every 10 people, a staggering estimation. The question that should be asked is: How did Americans get this way? This is the question I asked myself 15-years ago when contemplating treating overweight and obese patients and then again when I decided to write this book. The answer that I arrived at is multifactorial in nature, and is not as simple or dismissive as accusing all overweight people of having “bad” genes.

Genetics plays a major role in a very small percentage of people who are morbidly obese. But for the overwhelming majority, genetic predispositions to weight gain are a less essential part of a much larger cause fueled by environmental and lifestyle factors. A partnership of these three makes you who you are. Lifestyle factors are a “double-edged sword” in that making positive changes will improve your life but implementing them is difficult, and the most cited reason is: It’s too hard to do.

It’s too hard to eat right and exercise is the mantra of many who have either tried and quit or never tried at all. But for those of you who use that as your excuse, let me ask you what is harder: Changing your eating habits and exercising or early death caused by a sudden heart attack; changing your eating habits and exercising or suffering a stroke and ending up in a wheel chair; changing your eating habits and exercising or developing diabetes with the possibility of loosing your limbs or your eyesight; changing your eating habits and exercising or getting, breast, colon or prostate cancer; changing your eating habits and exercising or living the rest of your life while on medications? I wonder what a child would say when told that the reason their mother or father died young and left them was because it was too hard to eat right and exercise. The sad paradox is that for many, disability or early death is not a deterrent, and providing them with a proven solution is not an incitement. This book is not for them.

This book and its enclosed lifestyle programs, is for those individuals who are intelligent and willing to make the necessary lifestyle changes that will allow them to finally regain control of their lives. This book is for those who are sick and tired of the “do over” diets, the ones that always fail. This book is for individuals who are tired of all the scams and shams, the gimmicks and hyped up supplements and miracle foods promoted by savvy marketing experts. This book is for you, because you are the only one that can control your destiny: Not your spouse; your doctor; your friends or even the pharmaceutical companies.

This may or may not be a revelation, but the pharmaceutical companies benefit the most from the very conditions associated with poor lifestyle choices and weight gain. The biggest selling medications are aspirin (used as a blood thinner), cholesterol-lowering and high-blood pressure drugs. What would happen to drug sales if people would finally change their lifestyles? Well, needless to say, the drug companies would rather you didn’t, after all, there’s no money to be made if you are healthy and fit.

You are the only one who can take charge, and hopefully your success and positive behaviors will influence those close to you, especially your children. Yes, the children: The very ones that need our help and guidance the most have been let down by society in general and our school system in particular. Because adults suffer from another social disease that I have termed “politicalcorrect-itis,” most children are no longer required to participate in physical fitness classes, and teaching home economics no longer exists. Many young adults graduating from high school are overweight and out of shape, and cannot even boil water let alone prepare a nutritious meal. They enter into adult life handicapped by our system’s failure at teaching them basic nutrition and fitness principles.

The guts of this book are based on my 29 years of practice of which the last 15 years have been dedicated in helping people improve their lifestyles. I have been in the “trenches” with my patients and have experienced their anguish when things are not going well and their elation when they are. They have taught me valuable lessons through their loyalty and efforts as to which lifestyle programs work best and those that fail, and for this I will be forever grateful.

This book is designed to educate the reader and to provide a “self-help” format in building a better lifestyle. Accordingly, it has been divided into three parts. Part I (Chapters 1-6) exposes the “Eight Reasons” behind the overweight epidemic, and its associated risks and diseases supported by hundreds of published scientific studies and research. The truth regarding appetite regulation, carbohydrates, proteins, fats including cholesterol and trans fats, and soy is revealed in an intelligent manner separating fact from fiction.

Part II (Chapters 7-13) provides answers and solutions based on the Do It Right Health and Fitness Lifestyle program outlined in an easy step-by-step format. Beginning with the “Roadmap to Success,” the reader is taken on a journey of discovery and assessment of their body composition profile and associated risks, and how to offset the potentially unhealthy effects through lifestyle adjustments. The reader is guided through a simple learning process to:

  • Create well-balanced meals using functional whole foods and easy to implement recipes based on caloric and daily needs
  • Create a daily supplement plan based on body type profiling
  • Create exercise routines based on fitness status and goals from beginner to advanced

Part III (Appendixes A-N) provides all the tools necessary to implement the Do It Right Health and Fitness Lifestyle program including food selection, supplementation and exercise. In this section, the reader will be able to answer symptom survey questions designed to aid in determining a need for further evaluation of nutrient deficiencies, blood chemistry and hormone imbalances, and digestive system function, and much more.

I have spent the last two years of my life actually researching and writing this book and at least half of my life living it. My goal for you, the reader, is that you will take the time to educate yourself on the truth behind your dilemma and then take the necessary steps to change your lifestyle, for the better. It’s time that you finally learned The Naked Truth.

Dr. Michael R. Sardone