Meet the Woman on the Cover

Grace Sardone

"Grace is a living testimonial of my solution." Dr. Sardone

Grace Sardone is Dr. Sardone's wife and together they have three children. She is not a doctor, professional model, athlete or TV personality, rather she is a 50-year old female who lives and survives in the real world – just like you. She has never had plastic surgery, used steroids or appetite suppressants. In other words, there is nothing fake or plastic about Grace.

Grace was an overweight teenager who struggled with its emotional and physical difficulties. Her mother, a loving and giving person with many attributes, was not a cook by any means, in fact, Grace grew up in a household where frozen TV dinners and going out to restaurants was the norm. In those days, gyms as we now know them, were non-existent and lifting weights was reserved for bodybuilding men.

It was not until after having her three kids that Grace decided to implement Dr. Sardone's program; The Do It Right Health & Fitness Program featured in Part II of The Naked Truth: Overweight, Overwhelmed and Confused. At that time, the program was in its early stages and since has evolved into a premiere lifestyle program; in part due to Grace’s willingness to implement and try different ingredients, recipes and exercise ideas.

Over the last 14-years, Grace has continued to improve her health and fitness status without lapse and looks better today at 50, dispelling the common myth that weight gain and ill health are natural consequences of aging. Grace has learned how to put it all together by applying the principles that Dr. Sardone teaches in a very easy and practical everyday lifestyle, while at the same time working full-time, with the same time-restraints and budget challenges that most women have trying to manage a family.

She shops in grocery stores, just like everyone else, the only difference is that she has learned how to read labels, and is no longer fooled by deceptive advertising claims. She makes time to prepare and organize herself and her kitchen; she has learned how to prepare meals and snacks and how to stock the refrigerator and cabinets with quality foods – Dr. Sardone and Grace practice what they preach, and teach others these same principles.

Grace believes that with the right attitude and program, anyone can achieve success. She helps Dr. Sardone's patients achieve total health and fitness through private personal training sessions and cooking tips.