The products listed are quality goods manufactured by reputable and trusted companies at reasonable or discounted prices. Many of these products have been prescribed to my patients, as well as used by myself and my family for many years. The product categories include books, ingredients, foods, supplements and equipment. When you find something that you like, just click on the image and you will be redirected to a secure site for instructions on how to order. Some of these sites will require that you register before ordering, unless you have purchased from them before.

New products will be added as they become available - so check back often.

Product Categories

Books: I have authored two books: The Naked Truth: Overweight, Overwhelmed and Confused and Do It Right Health & Fitness Exercise Manual. A cookbook full of healthful recipes, ingredient and cooking tips, and smart meal planning co-authored by Grace Sardone, and Lauren Kenney, is in the process of being published - check back for availability.

Ingredients: Most common ingredients that I recommend for shakes, cooking and baking such as whey protein powder, xylitol, almond flour, coconut milk and oil, and many more. These natural or organic ingredients are top quality and provide optimum nutritional value, as well as being void of harmful additives, antibiotics, bovine growth hormone, added sweeteners and toxic chemicals.

Foods: Organic frozen berries, nuts and seafood including wild salmon distributed by Vital Choice, a trusted provider of quality organic foods for many years. These food items are void of harmful antibiotics, bovine growth hormone, pesticides and herbicides, and are flash-frozen to maintain freshness and nutritional value.

Supplements: The supplements (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, herbs and specialty formulations) listed are manufactured by premier companies that have passed rigorous quality assurance and manufacturing guidelines. These manufactures produce pharmaceutical grade supplements void of additives and fillers, and each capsule actually contains the dosage listed on the label.

After selecting click to view, you will be redirected to Emerson Ecologics, the online supplement distribution company that I use personally and for my patients. As a new user, you will first need to register using this access code (661952). Type in this code when asked and you will be automatically guided through the simple online registration process. After which, you will be able to order any of the recommended supplements or search for other products offered by Emerson Ecologics. All supplements are discounted 20% from their suggested retail price.

Accessories: This category offers equipement that can be used as part of your total health and fitness experience including body fat measuring devices, non-plastic water bottles, heart rate monitors, home exercise equipment and much more.