Table of Contents

Chapter I: Overweight & Obesity "The Epidemic of the New Mellenium"
Chapter 2: The Science Behind Eating "What Happens When We Eat and When We Don't"
Chapter 3: Carbohydrates "A Double-Edged Sword"
Chapter 4: Proteins "Nature's Building Blocks"
Chapter 5: Fats "Friend or Foe"
Chapter 6: Soy "Miracle Food or Menace"
Chapter 7: Roadmap to Success
Chapter 8: Understanding Body Composition Analysis
Chapter 9: Do It Right Eating Principles
Chapter 10: Nutritional Food Label "You are what you Don't Eat"
Chapter 11: Dietary Supplements "An Ounce of Prevention"
Chapter 12: Exercise "The Golden Key to Success"
Chapter 13: Do It Right Recipes "Take Control and Cook for Health"
Appendix A: Do It Right Fitness Screening Questionnaire
Appendix B: Goals
Appendix C: Body Composition Analysis
Appendix D: Health Status and Risk Assessment Lab Tests
Appendix E: Calculating Daily Caloric Needs
Appendix F: Food Tables
Appendix G: Recommended Products
Appendix H: Do It Right Basic Stretching
Appendix I: Do It Right (Interval) Aerobic Routines
Appendix J: Do It Right Weight Training Routines
Appendix K: Do It Right Weight Training Illustrations
Appendix L: Incorrect Weight Training Illustrations
Appendix M: Do It Right Cross-Training Calendars
Appendix N: Supplement Formulations, Descriptions and Ordering
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